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guys, i forget when, but there is one time when my lovely *hihi* teacher give me *or us actually* , a task . She wants us to make an Hortatory expotition text.
And this is mine.. :D

Internet is one of important device in human world now, you know In previous time we usually used letter for communicate with other people around the world . it took a long time and spent many cost. But after people discover an Internet, The world seems smaller and we can meet people around the world with online system. I can tell to you some fact why do I say so.

In internet we can Browsing, Chatting, share everything, and get many information. For example, In social network we can find new friends and people in a whole world and chat with them without meet in person. Beside that, we can also get more knowledge and new information.

With things like Google earth, you can actually look at just about any place on the globe. Just type in an address or a name of a town and you can instantly see a satellite image of that place, zooming in and you can start to make out the streets and houses. No, the technology doesn't actually transport you there but by looking at it with your own eyes, you feel like you are there.

you can use the computer to do amazing thing, like upload your own video talent and then the producer saw you even though he is in a different state. Programs like youtube guarantee that anything captured on camera can be viewed by millions and millions of people, often within seconds or minutes of the event.

Web cams also serve to make the world smaller. You can check out webcams anywhere and get information about what is going on there in a few second.

Based on fact that I said just now, we know that So many feature that internet serve to make world seem smaller and it more efficient and faster, right? So Why don’t you try it?

But, we must be careful and use Internet wisely.

  1. Here are the tips in using Internet:
  2. Use Internet wisely
  3. Don’t forget about our job, school and obligation activities.
  4. Don’t use Internet everytime.  That’s not good for our healthy. It makes us tired and its not good for our eyes.
  5. We must remember about our pulse. Online in a long time spent much our pulse
please correct my english .. ^_^ 
i'm not so good, just fiesta.. haha


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